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Our facilities

At Stepping Stones, we provide a homely secure yet fun environment for all the children. As play is a very important part of every child's day, we provide a wide variety of fun based games and materials. We encourage parental input and suggestions and two-way communication is very important to us at Stepping Stones. 

Baby Room

All baby room staff are fully trained Nursery Nurses. Our baby room provides a calm, tranquil environment, with toys and materials that will stimulate and help the development of your child in the first year of their lives. The babies have their own separate changing area, sleep room and kitchen area. Each baby is given a daily record sheet, which records sleep, feeding, changing details, daily activities and any other information.

Wobbler Room 

In our Wobble Room the children are aged 1 to 2 years. This room is structured to provide plenty of stimuli for the curious infant. All the toys and materials help to develop gross and fine motor skills, plenty of push and pull, stacking and musical toys. Lots of bright colours and textures all at child level and also a cosy corner when a rest is required. They also have a separate changing area and sleep room. A daily record sheet is sent home each evening. 

Toddler Room 

In the Toddler Room we focus on the child's overall development and use a variety of equipment to aid and define their physical intellectual emotional and social skills. There are different areas for the children to use their imagination i.e. home corner, dressing up area, shop, book corner and many more. We have separate child size toilets to encourage toilet training. We have sleep mats for the children to take a nap if feeling tired. Each child receives a daily report sheet. 


Play-school is an introduction to a more structured routine for the children, they are encouraged to interact with each other and play in groups. The children have short work periods, which include Jigsaws, sorting, paring, learning colours, introduction to numbers and general hand/eye exercises. The children are introduced to circle time to encourage speech and listening techniques. Songs, stories and action rhymes provide great fun.





Dr Maria Montessori believed in creating a child centred environment, which encourages independence, confidence and self-esteem. The Montessori Room is a bright spacious room where the children go the year before they move on to big school. This group uses specialised Montessori equipment, which promotes the child's overall development. They become aware of their environment through partaking in little projects and learn to care for and respect each other and their surroundings. The children enjoy a great deal of arts and crafts, outdoor play and occasional trips.



Stepping Stones Kids Activity Carpet

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